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Darci Bawdon's one-on-one personal training methods include strength, cross training, Pilates, and aquatics in addition to creating personalized workout plans tailored to each individual client. Training begins with an introductory session in which Darci and her clients work together to determine specific needs as well as upcoming physical and mental goals. Darci prides herself on teaching her clients about their particular strengths and weaknesses including optimal body alignment, form and balance to clearly illustrate concrete progress over time.  Her sessions include a positive, fun, motivating workout environment that includes finely-tuned techniques she has applied to get Hollywood's most elite in the best shape of their lives. In fact, overtime her body-transforming programs have earned her the title of the "booty blasting squat queen" in Los Angeles. Darci's exclusive training regiment is guaranteed to promote fat loss as well as overall physical, mental and spiritual wellness. To book your own personal training session or to request additional detailed information, please contact us via the button below.




Darci Bawdon is a Da Vinci BodyBoard Master Trainer. The Da Vinci BodyBoard is a unique approach to fitness, combining strength training, cardio & muscle lengthening. While simple in its set-up and design, the BodyBoard system offers a fun and adjustable workout for a wide-range of abilities. The unique structure and varied framework of exercise options set people up for success and long-term commitment. Through high-intensity interval training, the BodyBoard program features one-minute intervals with a 22-second rest in-between exercises. Each exercise is designed to tone muscles, connect smaller muscles and connective tissue, and balance the body to create full body integrity. In a transformational half hour, the whole body is worked with strength training, cardio, and stretching. To request a Da Vinci Body Board session with Darci, please click the button below.

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